Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Trail Runs

I had shorter runs on the schedule for the weekend, 6 miles for Saturday and 8 miles on Sunday..which ended up being five on Saturday and nine on Sunday..hey, trail miles and loops don't always round to the number that you need!

So much for another weekend of warm weather.  I was in tights and long sleeved wool shirt on both runs.

 Saturday I ran the white bridle trail, and took the spur which leads to one of Salt Fork's Marinas.

I spotted some different daffodils in this area.  It's always a pleasure to find some different variety than the standard giant jonquil.

This picture doesn't do the tree justice.  This was a HUGE tree snapped in half, probably due to the derecho storm that went through the area last June.

Yes, it's mid April, and I am still wearing a fleece headband a wool shirt.

 Sunday I went out from the Lodge and planned to do most of the Bigfoot Loop.  Although it was still cool out, the sun did come out, so I had to shed the long sleeve top to keep from getting overheated.

We still need water here. The creeks are very low.  At this time of year, they should be bursting.
But that means the bridle trails were in very good shape, and since there has not been many horses out, they are not chewed up yet. (Hey, they are the horses trails.)

This was an oddity I spotted. These are daffodil sprouts, but this is on top of a big old rock.  How did these get here? Did someone plant them?

These are "fiddleheads".  Some types of fiddlehead ferns are edible, but I don't believe the ones in our area are. I'm not adventurous enough to try them either.

I had some good runs.  Energy was good on both days.  On Sunday I had a bit of a niggle with my left knee.  This is the knee I fell on last Saturday in the 50K.  I went ahead and iced it down after my run.

I wore my new La Sportiva Ultra Raptors, and tried out my new Ultraspire waist pack-this one holds two bottles.  Gear is getting pretty set for MMT.    27 days out!

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  1. Daffodils and greenery! Looks so beautiful. My trails are still snow covered. I just put the snowshoes away last week


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