Thursday, May 9, 2013

9 Days Out

I'm supposed to be still sleeping. But you try sleeping with a Rottweiler with a cone around his head; and a German Shepherd who has just developed her own lick spot in sympathy I guess.

So anyhooo, I'm up and own my second..or third cup of coffee.  I've really been doing well on the caffeine. I am down (usually) to two cups in the morning. No more caffeine for the day after that.  This is done in the hopes that the caffeine ingested during the race will be a positive influence.

Browsing the interwebs, it appears that maybe the 17 year cicadas could make a guest appearance:
Cicadas won't harm you. I've lived through several Broods here in Ohio.  Their sound can fill up  the woods with their noise-it sounds like bacon frying in a pan.

Along with our old favorite at night, the millipedes!


These little things come out at night.  Try not to put your hand on the trees or logs, they tend to swarm over them.

Other than the rattlesnake sighting last year, I don't recall alot of wild life on the trail.

Just rocks. Lots of rocks.


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