Monday, May 6, 2013

More Trail Ramblings

and pics!

Yes, another Buff. This one makes me laugh. Cuz it's called Trout.

This was...Friday's trail run. YES I have been finally rewarded for my good training behaviour, with three glorious days of training and trail running.

So on this day, I ran the white bridle trail backwards.  I found this really cool wall.

I was anticipating a cool foundation, some daffodils.

But sometimes a fence is just a fence.

Pretty blue flowers.

 The Saturday schedule called for 16 miles.  And although I do love my Salt Fork Trails, I was just sick of them!!! Sick! I didn't see how I could cobble together another 16 miles on the trails (that could actually be runnable.)

So I went to Mohican.  I thought about putting a shout out on FB, and seeing who would want to run with me..but I didn't.  I just wanted to get my miles in, get up when I wanted, get there, start running.

I did get up at 430 am and got to Mohican about 7 am.  I had already changed where I was going to run. I had told the husband I was going to run the old Mohican Red and Green Trails,but these were mostly bridle trails, and I knew they were pretty muddy from last week's race.   Since the mountain bike parking lot was deserted, I decided to run the mountain bike trail,since I knew that would be dry and runnable.

It was a good run.  Energy was good-this was another dress rehearsal for MMT; I wore the clothes and gear that I will wear for MMT.  I even drank maltodextrin and an EFS shot that I will use.  It wasn't the hyper joy run that I was expecting; but for my last "long run" of 16 miles, before MMT, it went well.

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  1. Love all the photos!!

    You are going to kill MMT this year. Hopefully I'll see you at the start and then cheering for me much much later when I finally finish.


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