Friday, May 10, 2013

Running mantras

This one will probably get used this weekend: "the longer you run the stronger you get".

This does apply to me.

There is, of course, Speed goat Karl's famous "100 miles is not that far"...but for all the folks getting ready for MMT, they probably don't want to hear that.  Besides, I don't think of running 100 miles, or 103.7 miles, but I run from aid station to aid station.

Last year, on most of the  Hardrock course, this was my repeated saying to myself: "You can't stay here."  A slightly negative mantra, but the hard truth.  Only way I was going to get back to people and civilization was to keep going.

This is one of the favorites.  All you MMT newbies, read up. Contemplate.

This is from laz' 2010 Race Report:

"you all know about the comfort zone.
that's where most ultras take place.
running ultras is all about staying in the comfort zone.
all our strategies revolve around staying in the comfort zone.
all our advice is about staying in the comfort zone;

"start slow"

"walk every uphill"

"dont take any chances"

for all the talk about exploring human potential, and seeking our limits, ultrarunners tend to play it safe.
they line up "challenges" they know they can finish.
and run them carefully
well within their "limits".
we believe that success is never failing.

at the barkley success is about over-reaching our abilities,
and living to tell about it.
sometimes success is getting your ass out alive."

Kennedy Peak Overlook

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