Monday, May 13, 2013

This is the Last DAY

This is the last day that I plan out the training day.

I got to work at 11 am.

I got to run..squint, chart is across the room...oh just five miles..

So that will take me..50 minutes or so, so consider if 60 minutes if you are doing your "2.5 mile Yellow Water Out and Back" run.

I need to leave for work by 1015am.

So I need to be back, to eat breakfast, shower, and pack lunch and reading, by..930am.

So I need to go run at 8am.

So I need to wake up at 7am. Cuz I need an hour or so of play time, internet, coffee, to get outside.  It's much easier now, now that it is light outside, not 10 degrees, and I don't have to don layers of gear just to survive a run.  In fact, 8am is rather respectable and sunlit.

So this is rather a sleep in morning.  Such is the taper.

There should be a blog post coming soon, about the training.  Maybe I can get that out here, in my "taper" phase!

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