Friday, June 14, 2013

Back to Back Runs

I don't like back to back runs.

No, not the glorious "weekend" long runs, where you get up early on Saturday, go meet friends in the woods for six or eight hours of glorious trail running, then go home, nap, have dinner, sleep eight hours, and then wake up and go run four or six or two hours on Sunday morning.

No, these are finish running at 7 pm on Thursday-after working-and then getting out the door the next morning at 6 am.

I did manage to pull off seven hours of sleep though. I did get invested in actually watching TV last night-I caught "Ride the Divide" on the Documentary Channel, and stayed up  until 9 40 pm to watch it all.  This is about the Bike Race that goes from Banff, BC across the US to end at the Mexican Border.  Jill Homer also wrote a very nice book about her 2009 Tour Divide too. 

Okay, I have ten minutes to drink this coffee, find runing clothes and go run around the block!

Happy Friday!

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