Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Finally a good run!

Okay I say finally like I have been struggling for the last month to get a decent run in.

Sorry, I think this only covers from Sunday through Today.

But most of my runs *are* good runs.  So when bad runs happens (it's kind of like insomnia with me, this just does not happen, but when it does, it's monumental!) I struggle to cope with them.

I ran Monday and Tuesday, like today, after work. After a 10 hour work day.

Monday's run was kind of awful. I went running, about 6pm, at Salt Fork. Just on some dirt back roads, downhill to the lake bottom, and back up again. Bleh. No energy on any climb. Just felt awful.

Tuesday-I decided to run trails-that should be the trick, right?  Bridle trail at Salt Fork, I chose the White Trail downhill to start with, so to wake up my quads. Not so much. Lots of mud on the bridle trail, and I still struggled with all the ups.

Wednesday I decided to just run my loop, make it a 7 miler, around the block at home. OR not run at all, depending on how I felt after work.  Sometimes it's good to just bag a work out if need be.

Work went better than expected; weather was less humid that expected; and I got out of work minutes before expected. Oh whew, thankee trail spirits, I need a good run!

About a 1/4 mile into the run, I realize I have forgotten to use my inhaler. And I could kind of feel it, on every hill, where I could use a little more lung capacity.  But at least it was a bit cooler. No less humid, but a bit cooler.

I felt rather warmed up around mile four. The climbs went better.

I ran by my house at mile 6. The pups were confused. I told them "I will be back in ten minutes!"

(I cannot come home, after work, and go run. So when I do this run, after work, I park in the church parking lot about one mile away. Then run my loop. Which involves actually running by my house. If the pups are out (in the winter, they are not) they get confused when I tell  them "I'll be back in ten minutes!")

I get home and spend some quality time outside with the husband and dogs in the yard after a quick shower.

FINALLY a good run. Where I don't feel it's overtraining/humidity/timeofday/general fitness it's just a good run.

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  1. I love how you tell them you'll be back in ten minutes. Even though they have no idea what you're saying. :)
    Glad you had a good run!


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