Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Intervals and Other Stuff

 I have six posts in draft status. That means I can't see to write a concise post to save my life.  They just end up with me chatting away.

This post is no different.

 I'm doing speed training!  And this was the post below, that I started about it from last week:

 Today was my first go-around on interval training.  I am using part of my normal course,  the flattest part that I have.  It's pretty much dirt, little gravel through here.

I've not done much interval work before, so I was a bit anxious about this. Which is kind of funny, getting worked up over a work out.

I did 4 minute intervals, x 4.  My pace was 9.01, 8.28, 8.32, 8.12

I didn't look at my watch except to note it was 4 minutes and time to stop. So I didn't get my pace until I got home and downloaded the Garmin data. I think pretty good for a first effort.

Today I repeated the same effort.  The first interval felt horrible. But then, after recovery, the second one just fell into line.  My muscles just felt loose, and oiled.  It was a bit warmer than last week, as it was a few hours later. This weeks pace was 8.44, 8.32, 8.12, 8.33

Pharmacist Tip o the Day

Now that nature is greening up, I'm getting my legs torn up on briars running at Salt Fork.
Instead of treating all my scratches with topical antiobiotic ointment, I used this Neo to Go spray instead.

It worked great, even took the typical inflammation away that I usually experience after getting scratched to pieces.

This contains Active Ingredients: Benzalkonium Cl 0. 13% , Pramoxine HCl 1%.

I sprayed this on my legs, and they didn't even itch later (due to the pramoxine). Of course, I believe this product is marketed for the soccer mom to carry to spray on one "booboo" not to literally coat your legs from knees to ankles, as I ran out of the spray after one application.  But hey, it does work well!!

Monday's Post that never got finished: 

Training is going well. I'm procrastinating as I type, but it's only a 5 mile morning.  I did my first speed training session last week-yes, I started a blog post about it, never finished it yet.  (Note: did the 5 miler, now posted about last weeks speed training.)

Worked aid at Laurel, got a run in on the LH Trail, all was good. I was whipped by the time I got home, so only did 10 miles on Sunday at Salt Fork.

A funny story about Sunday: I was wearing a newer skort from Cabelas, with compression shorts. I kept having to pull the shorts down constantly, a real irritant.  Halfway through my run, I stop to pee-and notice I have the skort on backwards. Sure enough, I change it around, shorts no longer riding up! 

Monday was a running day off. I do luv running, but any more, with a running schedule, when a zero day approaches, I'm pretty happy to take the day off.

Okay, two more blog posts that are not done:

1) What  a long way I have come (as a runner)

2) Why I don't like the term badass ( I met a legendary runner Saturday at Laurel that I would pretty much put on a "bad ass list" if I kept such a thing)

Both need more contemplation and introspection.

Okay I am going to hit publish for a change!

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