Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Laurel Eve

TGIF, it's Laurel Eve, the day before the Laurel Highlands Race-70.5 mile and the 50K.  One of my favorite trails in the area.

I've really had alot to say, but struggling to get it done on paper.   Wait, wasn't that a Jimmy Buffett song?

If I could just get it on paper
The things that have happened tonight
But that seems to me to be the big key
I'm havin' too good a time to ever turn
Out the lights.

Well, my life isn't that interesting.  It's more about how far I have come as a little running newby (the first blog was!)  to my running these days.  I certainly would not have considered myself worthy enough to have a coach and a training schedule in 2007.  <-- a="" alone="" am="" another="" be="" blog="" but="" coach.="" could="" drama.="" enough="" hire="" i="" is="" much="" nbsp="" p="" post="" should="" statement="" that="" the="" to="" too="" trying="" why="" worthy="" write="" you="">

Anyways, back to the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.  This is an old school event, aid stations scattered out-really it is because there is only so much access to the trail at certain locations.  Runners who are used to the their 3 or 4 mile aid stations have to dig a little deep. 

The first aid station for Laurel, for example, is mile 11.8.  That is where I will be working. 

I love working aid stations.  I get to see all my friends, looking more tired and sweaty than me.  I get to tell them "good job" and how far it is to the next aid station, and then tell them to move on.

This early in the race, we shouldn't be worrying about anyone dropping out, so it's much more about providing them with fluids, hopefully ice, and sending them on down the trail.

I hope to get my ten miles of Laurel Trail in also.  I will finish working aid, then drive to the 50K finish point (the whole race is a point to point).  Then run backwards (numbers going down) so I can see runners out on the course.  Or perhaps Cam will want to run with me and we can run to mile marker 15, with the pretty triple bridge and laurel on the trail.

The weather looks good for the runners. I am psyched to see my friends tomorrow morning!!!

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