Friday, June 28, 2013

Karma being a bitch?

There was a huge storm in central  Ohio, that I drove home through Tuesday evening.  A bunch of tree branches down on our state route.

One big branch was just up the hill from our house.  I was able to drive around it.  Then the rain stopped quickly, and I grabbed my gardening gloves, and walked up the hill to see if I could pull the branch out of the way.

On first tug-oh no way.  But then, this big trunk moved, and since I had my low center of gravity, I was able to move this BIG tree trunk off the side of the road.

Wednesday we fly to South Dakota.

Fast forward to Thursday morning-I wake up to big splotches of itchiness on various places on my body-legs, one spot on my torso, itching behind my ear.

My first thought is bed bugs!  My husband and I both freak out.  But he has no rash, no bites.

I've brought hydrocortisone cream with me, but the tube is almost empty.  As the day goes on, more little rash areas manifest.  We pause among our tourism to buy more hydrocortisone cream and Bactine, as I am pretty uncomfortable with the itching.

*I still have not figured out how the hell I have gotten this.  I did jump into the woods for my emergency bathroom stop on Monday. 
And I haven't been to the woods since last week! *

I did some googling, and when one blog post mentioned "gardening gloves" I realized exactly how I had got this.  I put my gardening gloves on, and went out and wrestled with that stupid tree trunk.  I had wandered right into the greenery, got my hands on a good "vine" and managed to pull it to the side. Why yes, that "vine" was probably poison ivy/sumac/oak.  ( I would say poison oak or sumac, as our property is coated in poison ivy that doesn't bother me). 

And that is WHY, on Thursday,  about 30 hours later, my allergy surfaced.

Sometimes karma just bites you in the ass. I was being a good citizen and removing a tree trunk out of the road, so no one would get hurt. I got a good case of poison something for my pains.

My husband is all concerned about my running my race on Saturday, as he thinks my sweating is going to exacerbate this; but I am going to run with or without spousal support.  (This is why bringing a spouse to a race sometimes is not a good thing.)

It's just poison something folks.  Yes, I am a bit uncomfortable, but now I have figured out where this has come from, and know it's just an allergic reaction.

Okay, today will be laying low, T-shirt shopping in Sturgis, race meeting and going to bed early!

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