Monday, June 10, 2013

Laurel Day

Another great day over on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trails in PA.  The weather was nice; humid, but a  high of about 73 degrees.

I was helping out at the Maple Summit Road AS, with Rich Vriboncic Aid Station Captain again.  It was almost the same crew as last year, so we worked really well together.

I had to wear my "Rick Freeman" hat.  

The 70.5 mile runners started at 530am and started arriving at our aid station starting about 715 am.  

Kirstin Corris from VHTRC arriving

Kirstin and hubs Tom

The General  Bob Gaylord of Team Gaylord

Rick Freeman, Tim Hewitt, Cam Baker

Athena Moore on her way to finish her first ultra!!!!

Allison Holko arriving


Once we got all the runners through, and the sweep arrived-a side note-all races should have a sweep. That gives you accountability that the AS Captain knows everyone that is still in the race has gone through the AS.
Caroline Williams was the sweep through this section, another VHTRC'er, it was good to see her again!

My plan had been to drive to the 50K finish line, and run backwards on the course to get my mileage in for the day, but then Rich wanted to run with me, so we ran right from Maple Summit road down to Mile Marker 15, one of my favorite spots on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.

Despite Rich feeling a bit under the weather, he sure was peppy on our run!  We got to mile 15 and he asked to go one more, so I said okay, but I made sure we turned around at 16!!!

I love this trail!! I need to get back over here in the summertime and run it!

Then I drove north to Route 31, around Donegal, to the 50K finish line.  I had to decide whether I just wanted to hang out, or go run down the trail to find Allison.

You guessed it, down the trail I went.

I got to climb up and down Radio Tower Hill before I caught up to Allison, so I did get in a little bit of hill work that day. Then Cam caught up to us both, so we both paced Allison in to her finish.

Allison meeting her goal!!

NEO Trail!!!!!

Then, alas, it was time to head off for home.  By the time I arrived at home, I was whipped!  I felt like I had run the 50K myself.  Early morning, 5 hours time on feet, 14 miles running..yeah, I guess that will do it.

Most of the time when I make it over to the Laurel Highlands, it's winter or early spring. I really had forgotten how beautiful the trail is.  I need to make the time to get back over here in the lush greenness of summer!


  1. Thanks for being out there to volunteer, Kimba. It was great to see you. And to have a photo of myself out there on the course. That's truly my favorite trail of all. The beauty is stunning.

    I honestly think crewing/volunteering is more tiring than running after my recent stint at MMT100. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for helping out. This year was the first time I participated in this race and it was very well organized and the volunteers were great. Can't wait until next year.


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