Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wonderful day at Mohican

The schedule called for 18 hilly miles, and it was planned for a trip to Mohican State Park. Then I remembered the Mohican 100 Footrace was also that day. I first thought of running on the bridle trails (the old Red Green sections of the old Mo 100 course) but then I thought the horse people would rather have their trails all to themselves.  It turned out a good idea, as a big storm had come through several days ago; the mountain bike trail drains very well.

For my first section, I followed the "Forget the Pr" course over to the Fire Tower.  I started about 730 am, and it was a cool morning! Unbelievable cool weather for a Mohican race! My hands were rather cold until I climbed Big Ass Hill.
 Since the three races (100 mile, 50 mile, marathon) all started at different times, I was wondering if I would even see any runners, they all could be in front of me on the trail.

I got to the Covered Bridge, and found the Aid Station in a new location, down on the grass, on the other side of the river. This gave them lots of room to spread out tarps and have all the drop bags lined up-a good change in location.  Julie Bowen-Miller runs a great aid station. She even gave me a cookie!

I was then planning on taking the mountain bike trail-which is part of the Mo race course-back to the main campground where I was parked.  Ron Dukes and Kali Price were just arriving at the aid station, so when they left, I left also.  I got to share trail time with them.  I tried to keep them in front of me, as I did not want to get sucked into my pace.  I also ran with Paul Lefelhocz also.

I talked a whole bunch with my friends, as I know it can help the miles go by quicker, having someone else chitter chatter on. 
Kali finished 3rd place female!

Paul "The King" Lefelhocz

Ron Dukes

 Along the way, Mike from Cinti joined us. He was running his first 50 miler; he told us who else had come up from Cinti for the race, and one of them was my friend Marty Fritzhand!   I first met Marty a few days before Hardrock out on the trail; then we had dinner together after we had both DNF'd HR.  I was super excited to hopefully catch up with him.

Sure enough, out of the Hickory Ride Aid Station ( I wandered in here, but didn't touch their aid; I filled up my water bottle at the Boy Scout Camp spigot)
 I caught up to Marty right after the Aid Station, and we travelled together for the next four miles. It was wonderful to catch up with him, traded HR stories, just chatted away!
Marty tried in vain to get me to come back out and pace him later in the race, but I told him I had  used up my good spouse credits.  It was very good to see him again!!!

Marty and I

I finished up my 18 miles, and still had some time to spare, so I wandered over to the Covered Bridge Aid Station to see runners and help out a bit.

The marathon runners were cute. I don't know how else to describe them.  I had a feeling it was many of their either first marathon or trail event. One group spent about 10 or 15 minutes in the aid station.

Jay Smithberger getting all the attention

I hung out at the aid station for about 1 1/2 hours, grabbing drop bags for folks. Right before I left, Mike Bailey strolled in-I didn't know he was running the 100 mile race! So helped get him situated before I headed home.

It was a great day on the trails seeing friends. I'm not that enamored of the current Mohican 100 course; but it has stoked my interest in doing a self-supported 100 mile out there, maybe sooner than later.

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