Sunday, July 14, 2013

13 Miles, Easy

That was the plan.  And I did use gmap-pedometer to map out a 13 mile course. Most of was on my usual 6.4 mile loop, with about 3 miles with a diversion to Yellow Water Road, and then a little out and back down Beal Road.

I didn't get out until almost 9am.  It was already hot and humid. I was already not digging the run as I descended into the Yellow Creek bottom.

Then, as I am running, this little dirt road, I trip on a rock, and do that scary stumble stumble stumble forward trying not to face plant-and I did recover, and not fall!  But boy, that threw me for a loop. I started walking, trying to shake off the almost fall.

I was busy trying to talk myself out of the run when I found myself climbing out of Yellow Water Creek Road, climbing the next hill, and well, then there is a downhill.

Everything is better on a downhill.

So I talked myself just kept going to make my mileage at least ten miles.

The schedule said, 13 easier.  You better believe I was taking it easy.

I tried to amuse myself on the climb out of the valley. On a similar route, in March or even April, I had a snow squall hit me directly in the face here.  It was tough just trying to imagine that on a day like today.

I started up YET ANOTHER HILL for my  out and back.  OMG, this hill goes on forever. Well, at least for 0.2 miles.  I resolve to turn around at the first side road.  I was supposed to go down the side road, to get my mileage up to 13; I'm not having any part of that today.

I find the side road and do not go down it. But at least now I get to run DOWN the endless hill.  As I cross a bridge at the bottom, I peer over into the very full creek and am amused to see two muskrats swimming.

Not my pic; when they sensed me they took off to the bottom. But just picture a big rat, swimming. That's them.

I actually felt pretty good running across my track/interval section.
It's much greener now!

But I also knew I only had about three miles to run. I was pretty much out of water, I had carried two 20 ounces bottles.

My last mile, I turn  back onto the state route that I live on. My it was hot.  As I trudged up the last hill, I was getting a little dizzy and nauseated.  Starting to get that heat/nutrition bonk. Good thing I only had about 0.1 miles back to my house.

Still managed to get in 11 instead of 13 miles. Hamstrings were a bit tight after the varied mileage yesterday, but still a good morning of running.

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