Monday, July 8, 2013

Calamity Kimba!

I was going to drive over to Barkcamp State Park and check out the trails there, but I was feeling lazy and decided to just go over to Salt Fork State Park and run the Bigfoot Loop instead.

New gear! Yes, new Dirty Girl Gaiters.  Over the past few years, I have "kicked" my gaiters to shreds.  My gait is that I do kick my right foot to my left leg, meaning my gaiters shred over time.

I decided to show you all my quad muscle.  I am bruised about eight inches down. I fell, last week at my Black Hills 100K, at mile 15.  It was a tough hit.

I started on the "Bigfoot 50K" loop right out of the Salt Fork Lodge.

I had just exited the camp rest room, filling up my water bottle, and started down the trail, when WHAMMO BUZZ!!! Something flew into and stung my eye!

So I am whapping myself in the feels like something stung me.   Did I get stung?  I could go back to the campground rest room..then I remember I have a camera on me, and snap a pic...yep I have been stung.

Is my eye going to swell shut?  Am I going to have to run back to my vehicle with one eye? Well, is there isn't any options! The eye hurts, kind of bad. But the eye doesn't swell shut.

Well. there is no real damage; the eye just hurts. I just mosey back down the trail.  The eye swelled up quite a bit but didn't shut completely.

Until I woke up this morning! The swelling had gone almost away, yesterday, but this morning the eyelid and pouch under neath are all swollen up.

Nothing like starting your Monday morning with a cup of coffee and a Benadryl capsule!!

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  1. Geez, that's a bruise. AND a sting! Then the nail in your tire -- hopefully this will end your run of bad luck ... they say it comes in threes, right?


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