Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chapel Hill 10K Loop

I call it my 10K loop, but it's actually 6.4 or 6.5 miles.

I wore my muddy La Sportiva Ultra Raptors (trail shoes) for my run around the block, since neighbor Dan had advised me that the road was closed, the culvert was washed out.  I was planning on having to get my feet really muddy, and these shoes were still dirty from the Black Hills ultra.

 I get down to the creek bed hollow and there is a road closed sign.  The storm did hit a week ago, and the township crew already has a new culvert installed at the road.

 The cows don't seem to be too concerned.

 I run by the cow pasture, and start up the hill. This is where the pond breached. It was a relatively new pond, has been there about four years.  Yep, sure enough, the dam gave way!

Apparently, with the heavy storm of last week, another pond higher up on the ridge gave way first, which then led to water overflow, and this pond breaching..which is what washed out the culvert in the road all the way in the valley.

 The pond is was bigger than I imagined.  (I stepped off the road for the pics, I usually don't look over the pond that much.)

Then I just continued up my road on my loop.   I normally run these loop in my Hokas. I have the Evo Stinson Hokas, which are the road/trail hybrid. I must confess that I really like the extra cushioning in the Hokas on this muddy gravelled road!

This high banks wall just keeps getting more and more eroded.  That storm didn't help.
A nice little tiny pond formed by the side of the road. Complete with frogs.

Not really abandoned. I'm sure something broke down on it.
Just some views from the loop.  It was hot and humid. I took my time, but I was only about five or ten minutes slower than usual for the loop.  My shins were a bit tight on the first mile, but I had no quad stiffness on the downhills. I just took  it easy and am happy to be re-acclimating to the heat and humidity.  I remember my winter whining in my layers of clothing!

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