Monday, July 15, 2013

Full Disclosure

Sometimes I don't nail my workouts.

But you know? Usually I do. I really do not miss a scheduled run.  Ever since hiring a coach, I've pretty much stayed to my schedule. Unless an injury coming on, or feeling an illness or just too much tiredness, I do get out and get my run on.

Today, My dog went (with my husband) to Columbus for his oncology consult.  He will have surgery, on Wednesday to remove two mast cell tumors.  This is his (this dog) second round of surgery due to mast cell tumors.  These are cancer tumors.

My plan was to get home, walk the two Shepherds, and then go run.

But the husband and other dog were already home, but everyone needed their walk.  So my run got postponed a half-hour, until the husband was ready, then we took the dogs out for their 2km hike around the estate.

I don't do well with coming home, and then going to a run.  I typically "have" to get right out the door if I am going for a run.

All during the dog walk, I kept trying to pysche myself up.  And all I kept saying to myself was " I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna..."  The ninety degree weather didn't help either.

So I decided to can the 5 mile run.  

Whoop de do.

At least, this far along in my running, I am not down on myself. I do not think I SUCK!!!! or I am a terrible human being, or I will lose my entire base of fitness, by bailing on a 5 mile run.

It's a zero day.  I could probably use it, since the hamstrings are still a little sore from last week.

Tomorrow is intervals-after work, in the heat. This should be interesting.

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