Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Feel...Rested

I woke up this morning feeling..good. Feeling rested.  Despite not knowing what day it was, and if I had to work today (it took a moment: hmmm, Saturday, not my weekend to work, ok, close the eyes again).

It was 701, pretty much sleeping in for me, so I got up anyways.  And I didn't feel tired.  I've felt rather tired most of the time getting up for a pretty long time. I don't know whether I don't get enough sleep (probably) stay up too late (probably) and work irregular shifts (yes).  But I feel rested, and that is a very good feeling. Like I don't need to drink all this coffee to fuel myself for my  morning run. 

But I will drink all this coffee, because I love coffee! And I don't really have a schedule of  "to dos" that just HAVE to get done today.  I am planning on my 10K around the block, mainly because I just feel like hitting my loop and my neighbor told me of all the storm damage on the route..I am wondering if it is even passable.

I seem to be almost over my poison ivy.  The huge splotches of red abruptly faded yesterday, my prednisone is doing the trick. 

The prednisone is also doing its trick of weigh gain.  My weight is up; I stepped on the scale once last week and hastily got off again.  I can see some puffiness in my face from the prednisone.   I refuse to get upset about the weight gain.  The drug causes it; I needed the drug to recover from the poison ivy dermatitis.  The weight will come off again.

So I am going to go off and lazily enjoy my weekend! A quote from Dale Carnegie, found on Roni's Weigh In blog this morning:

“All of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon, instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.” — Dale Carnegie

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