Thursday, July 18, 2013

Intervals, Heat, Treadmill

Yesterday I got out of work about one hour early.   It was 90 degrees. Yep, I was going to go run intervals.

I dithered all day on where to go run.  The original plan was to go to the high school track.  But there is no shade, at all.

I decided to go to the Great Guernsey Trail, which is the bike asphalt trail in the area.  It is shaded.

I leave work, and see that it is overcast! And it looks like an impending thunderstorm might be coming.


I start down the trail, jogging. The idea is to warm up.  Well, I am warmed up.  I am plenty warm. But the legs are not quite warmed up, but I keep asking them " are you warmed up? Ready yet? Ready yet?"  But the last thing I want to do is try and run  hard before the legs are warmed up.

After mile two, the legs seem ready to go. I toggle thru the Garmin watch, and find my interval workout button.

Okay. It's time to run fast ( or try and run fast).  I only gotta run 4 intervals.  I get going on the first. Bleh. Nothing great.  But as I hit my recovery time, my legs do feel all  loosey-goosey, I love how they feel, my muscles are just sliding over each other.

Interval two.  Cadence cadence cadence.  I feel I am breathing in moisture.

The thunder starts commencing around now.  But I  only have two intervals to go.

Interval three. I try and invoke my muscles, thinking back to my 5K from the weekend.  I should be running like I late into mile 2 almost mile 3.  But it's so hot. Cadence cadence cadence, I just keep my eyes on the asphalt trail in front of me.

Interval 4. Okay! I resolve to leave it all out there...which kind of fades after the watch beeps start and I begin running.

Only four minutes. The thunder that has been occurring is much louder now. Go go go go go go isn't four minutes up yet??

FINALLY, after 15 minutes, the watch beeps. Yahoo. I did it. Intervals in 90 degree heat.

As I walk back to my vehicle, the breeze from the impending thunderstorm blows nicely around me.  As I reach the vehicle, the rain begins. Timing is everything!


Wednesday was a planned treadmill workout, as I needed to get home for the two dogs, get their walk done, and wait for the third dog to return from surgery.  After last week "good" treadmill run, I was expecting  unicorns and rainbows to emerge and accompany me on my treadmill journey.

Not so much. It was one of those peak at the mileage (I always cover the display) 3.56 miles? That's all?  I've been on this machine for three hours now!  But I finally got through it.

Now I am up, on Thursday, at 5am, getting ready for my long(ish) run, Time to beat the heat!

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