Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nice Day of Running

Today I headed up north for a day of running.

For me, WAY up north. Almost to the PA line, to Andover, Ohio, right on Lake Pymatuning.

This was for a 5K. This was the Dan Dunlap 5K Memorial. Dan Dunlap was a member of NEO TC, who passed away in 2011 due to an accident. I felt it important to show some support from our club.

Jim Harris and Matt Hanks were also there.

I do not run 5K's very often. When I do, the pre-race always amuses me. Today was no different.

I got to the race start a little later than planned, and only ran about twenty minutes or so, didn't feel all that warmed up. The temperature was a bit cooler too, only in the 70's at race start, so I didn't want to hurt myself.

The race starts. I am now reminded that 5K runners do not seed themselves AT ALL due to ability. I spend the first few minutes of the race moving around much slower runners.

Hit the first mile in 8.53.  Shins a bit tight. But okay.

Mile 2. Crap, 8.32? Now I am going to have to run mile 3 faster than that.

A female with a rather large bottom in blue has been my target since around mile one.  I reel her in. I stay behind her for a little bit..let her do the work.

I pass her. I know she is not happy, as I can hear her breathing down my neck. But hey, now that I have made the pass, ain't no way she is coming back to me. Cadence cadence cadence.  I pull away from her.
Glance at the watch, find the right column, 2.6, okay, time to go.

Mile 3 8.21

Finish in 26.38. First in AG, 45-49.

Happy with that. I was asked my goals, prior to the race. First? Finish the race. (Hey, I don't care, 5K or 50K, first goal is to finish the race.)  Second, considering how fat and sluggish I have felt lately: finish under 30 minutes. Next goal, which I thought was doable, was 27 minutes.  So way good with that.

I looked up my last 5K time (Thanksgiving 2012 5K) which was 27.10!  So I have beat my latest PR time, which is good. Considering my legs were tight on Thursday after the treadmill run on Wednesday.

Mill Creek Park

Since I was already up north anyways, Slim and I made plans to run the YUTC loop at Mill Creek Park. I needed to get some new pics of areas of the course that I had not already snapped; I hadn't been back at MCP since last year, and Slim and I haven't shared trail in quite some time; so a big win-win situation all around.

The Dan Dunlap Memorial 5K had awesome post race food-I had water, chocolate milk, 3 slices of pizza, and two slices of watermelon, so I was ready to go run more once I arrived at MCP.

 I need some more kind of obscure race course photos, since I will publish a blog post called YUTC Course Preview. I realized I didn't have photo shots of some areas of the course.

Slim and I have enough trail time to go over details for the YUTC; details for URINEO; and to hash out where we want to run/bunk down at for Slim Pickins 2013.

There is only about one mile of road on the YUTC course. We ran down this, and were back on the dirt trail which parallels the road, when out of the corner of my eye, we can see some bikers.  Then I was back  in the leaves, and we hear the CRASH and screaming.  First, we don't know what to make of it, but then as the screaming continues, we run out of the woods.

The biker guy has not seen the huge post in the road and crashed right into it.  He's screaming and moaning and holding his quad.  Slim gets him to roll over and nope, his leg isn't broken, but the bruise is forming really quickly.  Slim adivses the other Freds to call for extraction and I add they should bring a bag of ice. Slim also mentions a trip to the ER might be advisable.  Using  up all our medical advice, we return to the trail.

Southern end of the course.  The greens were very cool looking.

Lots of people out and about at Mill Creek Park today.  It was a good day for a run, a little cooler, and a little less humidity.  Good trail time with Slim!

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