Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Today I ran eight miles on my treadmill and was very satisfied with my run.

Treadmill, you gasp? Treadmill, in the middle of July?  WTF?

It was my day off, I had tasks and errands planned.  The most important part was the husband; he had his 50th birthday colonoscopy.

My free time started around 1 pm.  Where the temperature was now 88 degrees.  And I had eight miles on the schedule.

And it was really hot and humid out.

But I had eight miles on the schedule. On my day off (off, from work).  I was determined to NOT defer from the schedule. I had the time. I had the time.

Flashback to one year ago..I would have been sitting at our outside table, at our townhouse in Silverton, looking at the mountains, pondering my membership in the very inclusive club I had been invited into, wondering if I was worthy...

So that doubly made me want to get my workout in.

SO I could go run, at 2pm,at 88 degrees, and get my eight miles in.

OR I could run on my treadmill.  I was supposed to be keeping an eye on the husband (he seemed fine ).

I didn't really want to run on my treadmill. In fact, I rather dreaded it.

But I really wanted to get my silly little eight miles in.

One year ago, I was contemplating 100 miles in the San Juan Mountains.  The hardest (and most beautiful) course in the US.  And wondering if I belonged there.

And now my biggest challenge was eight miles on the treadmill.  Not to disparage either attempt. It's just the difference between last year.. and this year.

It's funny how head games play.

I went and found a fan. And changed into a sports bra and shorts. And shoes.

I watched two episodes of "Love It or List It" from HGTV.   And I got my run in, in 1 hour 30 minutes. Probably a bit quicker than if this had transpired at 3 pm outside.

It was incredibly satisfying to nail the workout.

The workout, in the middle of July, that absolutely means nothing, in the big scheme of things.

Except that I kept to my schedule, which was mentally way more tough than the physical, and kept to it.

I feel a bit more energized and enthusiastic about my training, after that 8 mile run.

8 miles on the tread. Imagine that.  Psyching me up.

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