Friday, August 9, 2013

Greek Run Tomorrow

I am doing a six hour timed event  tomorrow. I guess today would be a good time to set up some goals for this event.

This is the "Greek Run" that Wayne Kurtz hosts annually.  Wayne Kurtz is an endurance athlete that I have personally not met yet.  But I know he does crazy long distance events, Deca Mans, adventure racing.  He did a 48 hour run on a treadmill (serious crazy) ending at the time when the Pittsburgh Marathon was to begin, and THEN he ran the Pittsburgh Marathon this year.

From his web page:  Specific racing focus: Ultra distance Triathlons, Double, Quintuple, DECA Ironman races.   Ultra distance running

And for those not in the know, a DECA Ironman is yes, 10 Ironman, in a row.  (Hey I just run 100 miles at a time.)

This is a Fat Ass Event;there is a 24 hour, 12 hour, and 6 hour options, to end at 5 pm on Saturday so we can all chow down on Greek food made by Wayne's wife, Jan.

Of course, since this is a FA, you can also just do whatever you want.  I thought I was stick with the six hour timed event for my parameter.

But what kind of goals to consider?

Okay, the no brainer goal:  Run for six hours.  Good.  1st goal.

Distance goal?  I would love to run a 50K in 6 hours.  I am not sure that is realistic, considering I just ran a 50K in WV in 7.50.  Yes, this is Pittsburgh, it won't be as hilly as WV.  I don't know the course at all either.

Marathon distance in 6 hours?  Trail marathon conditions?  Okay, let's make this ultra specific since this is *cough* The Ultra Trail Goddess blog.  27 miles in 6 hours!!!! Let's do this!!!!!!

Okay, I guess I better go find my gear, nutrition, and clothes for my 7 am departure time..

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