Sunday, August 25, 2013

PSA: Packing for The Ring

I just finished packing for The Ring.

You do not need much for this event.  You are allowed one sturdy drop bag WITH YOUR NAME ON IT that will mainly be shuffled around to the various aid stations by someone.

You have to realize that there are fast folks; kinda fast folks, the mid pack, and the back of the pack.  So four different speeds of people, yet your drop bag will "probably" show up where and when you need it.

Your drop bag will  not be at Milford-Mile 13.  The first time you will see it is Mile 25-Camp Roosevelt.

The last time you see your drop bag will be Woodstock.  So gather any good luck totems you need at mile 57, cuz Powell's Fort AS will not have your drop bag.

So WHERE WILL YOU SEED YOUR LIGHT AT??  Maybe look at splits from other people?? Hint,hint,
HERE  You will need your light!

I am picking up mine at Crisman Hollow.  Will I need it there? I sure hope not, as I plan on being there at 430pm.  But my next drop bag location will be mile 40.7, Moreland Gap, and I plan on being there at 7pm. Yes, it won't be dark then either.  But what if I run into difficulty? Or take the scenic route?  But it doesn't hurt to have it earlier.

What is in my drop bag?

Duct tape
Spare eyeglasses
Spare Shoes-I may actually experiment and change shoes at Woodstock, to try and better my "Signal Knob Experience"
A short sleeve shirt-I usually change out of my nasty sweaty wet shirt into a dry shirt sometime before dark
My calorie bags-I will eat at the aid stations, but I also carry calories-which everyone should do, and eat-between aid stations.  I have these all loaded, marked with various AS Names, and ready to go. I also have a spare BUFF and a towelette in each AS baggy.
Spare drugs-I carry Tums, Imodium, Pepcid, Tylenol, S! Caps and caffeine tablets on me. I will have a spare to swap out in the drop bag
BUFF on my head

*I will also carry, from run start, a very small Fenix light in my pack. I like insurance.*

There is also a garbage bag in the drop bag, which could function as a covering if needed.  I will monitor the weather, and maybe throw a very light weight jacket in at the last minute, but usually it's been hot-even at night-and that has not been needed.

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