Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ring a Ding Ding

The Ring Weekend approaches. No, I won't go through the two or three paragraphs about what the Ring is. If you read this blog you should know.

For you cluleless (or new readers: Hi there! Love ya!) ones, The Ring is a loop trail, 71.1 miles of the Massanutten Trail, on the Massanutten Mountain Ridge.  The MMT 100 utilizes much of the MMT trail, with some side trails down to valleys (or gaps as they called in the south) where the aid station usually are.

Start of 2010 Ring

There is always discussion, which is harder, The Ring or RevRing, or MMT100.  It usually depends on which event you have just finished..that is the harder one.  I felt pretty beat up after RevRing this year; but I also felt beat up after MMT100 too...but I exerted more effort also..

There is only one rule for The Ring; stay on orange.
M Dot Reverse Ring

  I managed to violate that during RevRing 2013 and scored some bonus miles.  I will be extra vigilant on intersections.  I will also carry the map even though I've run around this loop five times previous.

Western View

See, there is runnable sections of the MMT

Finishing the 2010 Ring
The Mountain was still there, one year later in 2011.

Milford Aid Station. That is Slim sitting and Keith's ass
It was a bit overcast and a little humid on the east side in the morning.

Slim was feeling a bit under the weather for The Ring 2011 and hung out with me.  He would drop me on a climb, then sit and eat a sandwich and wait; or run on ahead to an Aid Station and get to socialize before I popped in. Of course, when I got there, he was ready to go.

Slim had never seen a Signal Knob sunrise (being that he is usually done way before sun up) but the sunrise did not make his SK experience any better.  Nothing can, really, unless you are a BASE jumper and can fling yourself off at Meneka Knob.   Then you would get DQ'd for not following orange.

2011 Finish in 25.01 Yes, really, 25.01.

I ran a different race last year, the North Country 50 Mile, and sadly missed everything and everyone in Virginia.  I vowed not to do that again!

So it is the countdown for The Ring.  I haven't started to track the weather yet, but I do believe hot and humid will be in the forecast?!

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