Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ring a Ding Dong: Goals for The Ring 2013

First Goal: Finish the Ring.  71.1 miles

Second Goal:  Finish under 24 hours.

My last Ring finish was 25.01.  Yes, two minutes over!   Two minutes less putzing around on the trail, two minutes less chatting, two minutes less taking pictures of millipedes, and I could have said "sub 25".

I looked at the 2012 finishers who finished under 24 hours, and took an average of their aid station splits to see what would be the "window" that I need to hit each aid station.


Mileage2011 Splits24 hour avgTarget
Camp Roo25143113261315

 Those are my 2011 splits in the chart. As you can see, I need to carve off one hour from them. One hour!  It is not as daunting (I hope) as it sounds.  2011 I weighed more and was less trained. This is an entirely achievable goal, providing I don't screw around too long at the aid stations.

Sandbagging alert: I've been trying to avoid a sore throat for the last few days. I think it is just allergies.

Ha! Proof that it is allergies!!!

It's just allergies, it's just allergies, it's just allergies....

It is Thursday now, and I finally hit the "nervous" part of the taper.  I'm getting antsy,  I smile at work when someone asks if I have a race coming up..and I want to eat everything in sight.  Especially salty chips.

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