Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taper Madness

Well, I don't really feel like I have taper madness, although my running schedule is pretty light the next six days, which means I should be chomping at the bit to run on Saturday-which is the idea I guess!

I ran 20 miles Wednesday, then woke up with a sore throat and enlarged lymph node on my throat. I bagged the Thursday run and went shopping instead..

Friday I woke up, still with the sore throat and tired.  I also bagged  Friday's run.  I think maybe I didn't really eat well enough after Wednesday's big effort, since I was also off work and therefore off my regular grazing eat schedule.

I think the sore throat is actually more allergy related, and I started taking my Allegra again.  I do not normally have allergies, but the early spring pollen really kicked my butt before I started on the drug, so it is now probably ragweed affecting me.

I ran 10 miles this morning, felt quite good considering the two days off and about twelve hours of sleep last night.

Then I spent the last few hours doing this:

I got about forty pounds of peaches from my mom.  First I made a peach tart:

Then we blanched and processed the rest of the peaches.  This year I was smarter and packaged the peaches into about two cup increments.  Since my husband does not eat them, this will keep the serving size suitable for a peachy smoothie for me.

A good peach smoothie recipe I had last week was peaches, almond milk, orange juice, with a little mint thrown in. MMM good!

We also visitied my MIL, where I picked a few cups of plums.  The darker squares are plum tarts.  The red tarts are tomato-gruyere cheese.  All came out delicious!

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