Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Week Off

I actually got in to see my doctor this week, which, in rural Ohio, is amazing.  Health care in rural areas is pretty piss-poor.  I won't go into that rant now.

I presented my nurse, and doctor, with my typical printed out list.  When  I see my doctor, I try and present, in writing, my problems.  They really appreciate this.

For my back, I had the time line, and symptoms, and pain, that I had since September 14.  So when the doctor arrived in the room, we did not have to go over the whole story once again. I was able to give her the "short version" with more specifics, on what hurt when.

Good news:  doc does not think I have any disk issues.  She thinks it is still just a muscle strain issue, and since I keep running, I am not making it any better.

Advice:  One week  off from running and a course of prednisone therapy. 

Once the doctor said, no disk involvement (unless this doesn't resolve in about a week) I felt much better.  My back has been feeling better, but my big issue here has been, get this issue fixed, so I don't have trouble down the road.  I would much rather take the downtime now, than continue on and be hurt and have bigger issues later.

I let the coach know what was going on and got some positive reinforcement for some future race plans.

The silver lining to this injury is the fact that I do not have ANY races looming over me at all.  If I was running Grindstone/Oil Creek/WV Trilogy I would be a bit unhappy and I would also still be running through the pain..cuz those races are almost pretty much here.  Actually, I guess I would take an early taper and then hope for the best.

So I am not going to run for a week.  I am cleared to walk.  Which I will do, some mornings. (Not tomorrow.)  I am going to get in some quality sleep.  Maybe get that closet cleaned off of excessive shoes (I am looking for a purse for vacation in there somewhere.)  I will watch my eating and drinking too, to make sure to dial that back up with less miles on the body.

 I may have one more 2013 goal race to go.  I had almost discarded the idea of applying for Hellgate, but have gotten some positive reinforcements, so when the app for that appears, I may throw my name into the hat.

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  1. You are totally a Hellgate candidate. I'm kind of surprised to hear you haven't done it before!

    Hope the back comes around quickly. I bet the break from running will make your legs snappy with energy when you get back to it!


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