Thursday, September 26, 2013

Out of the Closet

Finally cleaned out the closet

22 pairs of running shoes

13 pairs of trail shoes
9 pairs of road shoes (two Hoka hybrids)

Pairs I have not had on my feet in last year or two:

3 pairs of old Montrail Wildwood Trace-uppers are kind of dry rotted. Pitch
A pair of Yellow/Black that I can't even identify the brand on. Pitch
4 pairs of old Sauconies that are only fit to walk around the estate on. That still leaves 3 more pair of Saucony to wear around estate.
Old Mizunos with screws.  Time for them to go.


Nice clean White Saucony-these are actually my work shoes.
La Sportiva Raptors-one pair with total ripped up uppers.

 Need to fix or contact La Sportiva before tossing

Montrail Bajadas-also ripped, but these have screws from last winter, so will use these as winter running shoes

3 pair of older Saucony-for walking around estate

Been wearing Hokas for most road running around here. One pair of road Hokas and 2 pair of hybrids.

Will still have my La Sportiva Ultra Raptors, Montrail Mtn Masochists
Solomon SpeedCross-3-need to try these out some more.  I believe I wore these twice, trying out new shoes before either RevRing or MMT this year.

 I tossed eight pairs of running shoes.  My husband still was not amused.  It's hard to explain to a non runner. I can wear my LaSportivas on rocky courses, like MMT and Hardrock, but it's not the shoe to wear on smooth singletrack, like Mohican or Salt Fork.  That's what the Montrails are used for.
The Hokas have been great on my little road running escapades.  I've worn them for some short trail runs at Salt Fork.  I also ran about 10 or so miles at The Ring, they were certainly comfy over the rocks but I don't know about more mileage yet with them on the rocks.

I also put away all the laundry this morning before week.  I have been taking advantage of this spare free time in the morning before work since not running!

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