Thursday, September 12, 2013

Run Around Town

Today was a day off from work, and I had a few errands to run in town.  I planned to get my run in after my hair cut.

The hair salon (if you could call it that, I think I prefer the hillbilly "beauty parlor" term) was closed unexpectedly, so I was able to get my run on a little sooner.

I parked in the center of town, at the IGA, and took a route out of town, which I knew would be a straight climb up the ridge. Then onto an unknown to me road, then a loop back into town. 

I haven't been on this road in 4 or 5 years.  It's a gradual ascent out of town.  As I am running west, the sky is darkening quite quickly.

 I don't mind the rain as it is about 72 degrees out.  If lightning starts, there are plenty of houses that I can go and stand on their porch or near a building, so the storm isn't really a worry.
 It was really dark for a moment! This is a barn in the normal light.

Here's the barn after I brightened in up in Picasa.

So I climb climb climb the ridge in pouring rain.  I am looking for a road to my right.  It doesn't matter if I find it or not, as I am supposed to run 7 miles, I can always just turn around at 3.5 miles.

But I find my side road, and start down hill.

Very low ceiling through here.

Only one selfie because I had to put the camera away due to the rain.

I really liked this white barn coloring.

 But of course my pic doesn't really do it justice.  Soon I was back in NCT again.  I glanced at my watch, almost five miles.  I decided to just end the run at the vehicle, and get the rest of my errands done.

I had a dry shirt in my vehicle, but walked into the IGA sopping wet otherwise.  I don't shop much at the IGA, but I was surprised to see a better beer selection.

As I was buying for my purchases (no, sadly, no beer) the cashier mentioned my running, and the man in line behind me mentioned his son Trevor loved to run in the hot hot weather.  I mentioned Trevor's last name, another local ultra runner, and the man indicated yes,it was that Trevor,  his son, and "he'd seen me around the local 100 mile races"... LOL...  it is a small world.

Being on a different route was very helpful today.  I have had the post race blues since The Ring. I'm tired of running by myself. I'm tired of running either UPHILL or downhill. I would love to just have a nice almost flat 10K loop.  Getting the runs in have been both a mental and a physical struggle, even though (luckily) The Coach has made them short ones!

I've had a bit of a knee niggle, so I have been icing that.  I think that is just a Ring residual, just like when my foot ached after MMT and I thought it was a stress fracture.

It's entirely normal to have the post race blues too, and I know that. I will get my running mojo back soon.  I think the difference this year is even though I have a terrible mental attitude about a run, I still get out there and do it. Having a coach, therefore, accountability, too helps get one back on the trail.

YUTC is this Saturday, so I am sure being around trail runners for the day will certainly help with my post race blues.

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