Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grenada Day Two: St Georges & Fort Frederick and Mathew

Our friend Jude picked us up and we first stopped at the bank to exchange currency.  Current rate is 1$ US= 2.60 EC.  It's no longer an advantage to use a credit card so we were planning on using cash for everything.

Next stop was lunch, at BB's Crabback:

Located at the end of the Carenage, I remember a previous less than stellar meal here, but not this time.  The food was excellent.

I had callaloo soup and the crab-so good!

View from the restaurant

The Carenage

The next stop after lunch was the National Museum.  Dennis was eager to see Spencer, one of the museum employees that he corresponds with.  I knew Eddie would want to tour the museum again, so Jude and I left them and did some shopping.  I came back one hour later, and picked up Patty, and then we did some shopping.

Where the Trail Goddess Becomes a Star on Venezuela Television

When Patti re-arrived at the museum, a film crew had just shown up.  They were making a documentary about the Grenada Revolution.  On October 25, this is now the 30th anniversary of the Grenada Revolution.  The film crew needed some bodies walk around and browse the exhibits of the Grenada Revolution, so I wished I had remembered my pic to comb my hair!

So the film crew followed me around as I read about the events leading from the days of Independence from Great Britain, in 1972, thru out the event of 1983.  They also filmed myself and one of the museum curator/administrators talking over one of the books published on Grenada.  (See Buff, if you had already given me a sponsor, I could have been wearing a BUFF headband for the documentary!!)

FINALLY the guys decide we are done.  (This is where Kimba sez "okay are we ready to GO????")

But it's only about five o'clock, we have dinner reservations at seven pm in St George's.  We don't really want to back track to Mourne Rouge before dinner, so Jude asks if we want to go to the other Fort "up the hill" so off we go to Fort Frederick.

We had never been here before on any previous excursions!  What a view!   And it was overcast and gloomy, I can imagine the view on a nice sunny day!

Fort Frederick is an interior fort built by the French in 1779 to protect from retaliatory attacks from the British after the French easily defeated them in a surprise attack.  Fort Frederick's dungeons were last utilized in the 1970s and 80s to house political prisoners.

Fort Matthew
 Right next to Fort Frederick is Fort Matthew, which is in such disrepair that few people bother leaving Fort Frederick to visit it.

Except us!  We noticed the fort, and since we still had time before dinner to explore.
It really was in ruins.  It looked like a perfect place for a scene from "The Walking Dead" to be filmed.  There was also a storm approaching and it was dark and gloomy.

I didn't understand the bar sign at first, nor the "DON'T PEE HERE" sign either, but then I saw Jude wandering down a hallway with a female (Jude knows everybody)

and we could not believe there was a BAR (and little restaurant) in the middle of this ruined fort!  It was hilarious!

You could never do something like this in the States.  Fort Mathew was just full of  crumbled walls and iron hooks sticking out,  you would drunkenly wander off and die in a corner and who knows when you would be found!    We had time for a quick beer before off to dinner's at Patricks, which will be a blog post on it's own.

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  1. Cool explorations! I'll have to bend your ear about Grenada next trail run ...


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