Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grenada Day Two

I got up early for my run along Grand Anse Beach.

First I ran down to Quarantine Point, which separates Mourne Rouge Bay from Grand Anse Beach.  The Rotary Club has worked to turn this into a nice little park, with lots of benches and tables.

 I thought I could pick up the trail down to Grand Anse beach from here, but the trail ended abruptly and I kind of disturbed this man when I ran by a dilapidated shack, which was his house.  (Sorry mon.)
 Grenada Rainbow!!!

 I made my way down to Grand Anse.  First I tried to keep my shoes dry, but the tide was coming in, and they were soon soaked.  So much for dry sneakers for the rest of the trip!
 Even at 7 am, there were folks out and about.  It had just rained recently, so it was a bit overcast and not as blasted hot as I remember some mornings here.
 Grand Anse is about one mile long.  With the tide coming in, some of the beach canter was a little unpleasant, but I knew it would reverse on the way back.

Interesting looking pods off the palm tree.

View toward St Georges, with rain coming over the hill

 After everyone woke up and  had breakfast, I went back to the beach for a bit.
 The rain actually did roll in, and we got back under the bar to keep dry.

 I  managed to get caught by a beach vendor Elon-he's on Tripadvisor, and friend Eddie negotiated a price for the necklaces.

The rest of the day was spent in St Georges, which was deserving of a post of its own!

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