Thursday, October 17, 2013

No Hellgate for Me

I was not selected for the Hellgate 100K this winter.

I was slightly surprised.  Actually a bit surprised.  I know that Horton knews me now. Although  I am not the fastest runner, I am running mid pack- versus- being back of the pack these days.

I saw, via Facebook, some runners that *I* would consider slower, or as Horton's Race Committee says "have a chance of finishing" Hellgate.  But to honest, I don't know who all are in the "Beast Series"  (which Hellgate is one of the runs, and I believe if you are entered in the Beast, you are an auto in).

I will let my application ride, for a lottery, for the last remaining spots for Hellgate. I don't really know if I care whether I get selected or not, at this time.

It looks like I will be running 50 miles at NEO TC URINEO this December!


  1. I'm pretty surprised you weren't chosen right out of the first picks too.

    We'd love to have you at the VHTRC Holiday Fat Ass 50K!!!

  2. I got in the "lottery" too. I sent my application in the week after it became available online. Dr. Horton said he expects to draw from about 70 or so names. We still have a good chance of getting in, but I'm not worried about it. I'll be worried if I actually do get in because this will be super tough!


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