Monday, October 21, 2013

Ultraspire Pack Review

I was very excited to see some hydration pack created to hold bottles versus bladders.

I bought the 2012 Ultraspire Kinetic.  On first wearing, I really liked it.  I liked it because it was  made for bottles.  There is a huge pocket in the middle that I could even access without taking the vest off.

Although I did buy the small/medium, the pack was still too big for my short-waisted hobbit self.  Why are there no children hydration packs?  I have a short torso, and the pack pretty much sat on my butt.

I didn't want to give up on the two bottle system.  I looked at the 2013 line.  I actually thought I had bought the 2013 Kinetic, but I had bought the "Ribos".
You could adjust the torso length!  That was the winning element of buying the Ribos.

You do need to have the Molecular Belt System, (MBS) which I already owned, called the Connector:


I bought the Ribos..  I ratcheted up the bottles as high as they could go...but now the tongue was hitting too low on the velco.  So  I doubled up and sewed the tab, making it shorter.

I then had a “duh” moment.  It’s not like I am going to grow taller, or exchange this pack with someone else.  So I just sewed the whole tab down.

The pack now fits much better.  The bottles do not touch the top of my butt, or interfere with my arm movement. 

The upper pack still moves and swivels on me still. I guess it's supposed to? Or maybe I list to the left while I run?

I like the Ribos.  I would like a bit more storage on it, but I am not sure where that could be rigged.

On each side of the bottle pockets is a small zipped pocket, where you could cram in 2 gels.

The front pockets mimic the Kinetic set up.  On the left is a zipped pocket, with a stretchable pocket in front of it.  A cell phone fits comfortably into the zipped pocket.  On the right is a stretchy pocket that you can cinch closed. 

On the front straps, on each side are one teeny tiny pocket.  My chapstick will fit into one.  I'm not sure what to use the other one for.  Ultraspire says you could put your salt tabs/electrolyte caps in it, but I put my S! caps into a baggy, not just loose, and that certainly won't fit.

Of the two, I really like the Ribos much better.  The only improvement I could see is to make the teeny tiny front pockets a bit bigger, and figure out a way for a bigger pocket (somewhere) on the pack.

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