Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Very Unorganized Run!

I am a pretty good planner and organizer, but I really blew it for today's run!

I could not make up my mind whether to run at Mohican Saturday or Sunday.  I was very tired after work, having gotten up early and got my seven miles completed.   But around 830 pm, I felt better, so I threw some clothes into my duffel bag, dragged a concoction of clothes together (see fashion disaster photo later) and set my alarm for five am.  I'm old school ultra runner! I just need my shoes, running bra, clothes, and I'm good to go, right?

I'm out the door by six, stop for coffee, and get to the Covered Bridge just about day break..which is now after 730 AM!  I get my Ultraspire Pack out and WHOOPS I forgot the connector belt.  I know the water bottles will bounce without this strap.

I get all McGyver and take a shoelace out of my shoes that I drove in.  After at least fifteen minutes of monkeying around, I get the shoelace tethered to the pack. It was a bit tight across my abdomen, but that's my fault for forgetting gear! CHECK YOUR GEAR!! 

I decided to just use one water bottle, as I will run by the Boy Scout camping site where there is water available, and also water available at the Main Campground Office.*

I finally get all my sh*t together, and hit the Garmin, and tromp up the mountain bike trail.

I wasn't feeling the love, and was not into this hike/run today. 

About two miles up the hill, I realized I was not on the trail that I had planned to run. *I had planned to run the Mountain Bike Trail, across the bridge, which was about eleven miles, to the Main Campground  Office, then up BigAss Hill, and then meander back to my vehicle at the Covered Bridge.  (Note to self: water is probably already turned off at both locations. But good to think about now!)  But I was so distracted by the pack debacle, that I absent-mindedly wandered up what was called the "Red Loop" section of the Old Mohican 100 course.

Well, crapola, where does this mountain bike trail go?  Up to the Fire Tower, then I resolved to go backwards on the "Forget the PR" course.

I got to the  mountain bike trail parking lot, and sat down and sulked on a picnic table.  I didn't feel like running, I was super slow, I was at mile...3???

Then I got cold and trotted on.

I was finally enjoying myself a little bit, on the gasline rightaway road, the yellow leaves were so pretty. I went forward, instead of a left, to explore down the road a bit. It finally ended and I retraced my steps to the FTPR course.

I followed the trail over to the summit of Big Ass Hill

Then I turned down the trail to the Gorge Overlook.

I'm feeling better into the run around here, I think I am over six miles, but I still plan to bail about ten miles.
I run down the road, but I spot a farmhouse, and I think I am going the wrong way.  So I go the other way, which is a nice downhill.

Rosy was a pretty cold morning

I am pretty sure I am heading toward Rt 97, so I can pick up the mountain bike trail here again..but man, this section of mountain bike trail just meanders and switchbacks all over the place. I remember running this portion of the bike trail back in the summer, where I ran out of water due to the mileage.

Yep, it's the mountain bike trail. I can either go down to Rt 97, climb up the road; or cross Rt 97 and take the bridle trail back; but all trails are going to lead me back to the Fire Tower-again! 

I glance at the Garmin and realize I'm going to get my ten miles in plus some.  Now I am highly amused at my dumb ass self.  I'm about out of water (one water bottle*) but have plenty of gels on me.  I am also getting pretty warmed up and have lost my sulky attitude.  Karma, baby!  You tried to ditch the trails, but they wouldn't let you!!

I make it back to almost the Fire Tower, bush whack to the road. I had planned on just running down the road to the Covered Bridge, but just kind of shuddered and headed down Hog Hollow Trail.

This is where I encountered the only humans I saw today, a small group of probably Boy Scouts (not very happy in the rain) and then one hiker guy.  The only other live critters I saw were some Blue Jays in the first few miles of my run.

I was very amused to see I had somehow gotten 13 miles in on the run today, and ended up happy, after all.

Yes, fashion disaster photo here

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