Saturday, November 30, 2013

Berlin Amish Country 1/2 Marathon Race Report

I ran a race! An actual race! It's been quite a while..

And it was a road race!

 First things first. It's pronounced BUR lin. BUR lin. Not Ber LYNN.

I finished in exactly the same time as my last half road marathon, the Ashland race, in 2011. Ha! At least this course was hillier.  I know the upper topo looks hillier, but the elevation on it, the bottom number is 1025 feet, it crests at 1275 feet, so don't let that fool you.

25 degrees at race start, I was happy to have my eVent jacket and my face mask with me.  I started waay in the back of the pack.  Maybe a bit too far back, behind the 2.20 pace guy (they had pacers this year.)

Nobody passed me. At all.  So I guess I should have started farther up.  But WTF, I know nothing about running races anymore, I just do my own thing at trail 50K's and 100 milers.

This was in "Amish Country" aka where all the tourist shops are located, and yes, Berlin is heavily Amish.  I live in "Amish Country" also, but the Amish "up north" are a bit wealthier and have far bigger farms than the Amish down in Tusc county.  Of course, they have much better land for planting crops up that way too. 

Around mile two, there was a water stop.  Manned by a group of Amish.  There was no garbage can to throw down your cup into, and I felt very guilty about dropping a cup onto the ground.  I bet that Amish family will pick up every one of the those cups that were not crushed and use them to drink out of--just a fact of how they live.

The course was pretty similiar to what I run on daily, except today my goal was to "not walk" at all.  I actually did better on the hills and descents than the flattish miles I enccountered kind of miles 8-10.  Through this section, I just focused in on the runner in front of me, and reeled them in.

Got a bit tired toward the end, with a hill right before you turned off the state route back to the high school to finish on the track.  Just kept motorvating up the hill, but the runners I wanted to pick off were slogging just a bit faster than me.

The last 1/10 mile maybe was the most treacherous, the high school track was covered with snow and ice.  I was amused to see 2.10 on the clock as I passed over.

Finishing award was a block of cheese! And the finishing medal is a bottle opener!

A nice finishing tent had Subway sandwiches, water, chips, apples, bananas, and homemade buttered noodles!!  I got a cup of the noodles, my that was good.

Race organization: this was excellent. There were Port-o-Potties on the course! For a half-marathon! Around mile 3 and 8.  Although I did not need them, I thought that was great.

I think there were five or so water stops?  I carried a bottle, so I did not pay much attention to them.  Gu's were handed out around mile 8 and I took one.

Excellent post race food.  We started and finished at Hiland High School, so there was a heated area to start and finish in.

No complaints about this race at all, other than it was really c-c-cold!  Oh well, it could have been colder!

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  1. This sounds like a really fun race. CHEESE! Best prize EVER. Congrats!


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