Monday, November 4, 2013

Break the Mindset

For the nth time ad nauseum..another back to training post!!

Last week, I was just back from vacation, transitioning to work AND a running schedule again.

The running felt good. I was looking forward to my runs (a good sign!) that had been a bit lacking before vacation, faced with not much plans for the next few months. But swimming, snorkelling, eating lambdi, hiking did wonders for my pysche, and I have now returned home, ready to get set for the next big goals.

The Coach sent me this week's plan.  He works my runs around my work schedule, which are ten hour shifts, that vary, week to week. I am very happy he does this. There are not many times where I have had to modify the run schedule due to the work schedule.

This is my "early" week of work, meaning the 8-6pm shift. I like this shift the best to work; to run, not so much.  I really hate having to run after a tough 10 hours of work.

But this week, I am going to change that. I am already a mentally tough ultra runner; I am going to work through this "hate to run after 8-6pm" shift bullshit.  I've read many other blogs of folks who don't even get out for their run/bike until 9 or 10 pm after dinner/kids/life.

That is Monday's challenge: 8 miles, harder, to see how the vacation reset went.  This will be 8 miles, in the dark, after ten hours of work. Entirely fine. I will have my clothes packed, gear packed, headlamp ready, and know I won't be home until 830pm or 9pm, depending on when I get out of work. The darkness doesn't matter; it will now be dark as I  leave work, any days.

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