Friday, November 1, 2013

Grenada Day Three Short Run

I took the road over toward LaLuna Resort, which arcs up above the Gem.  Nice views from up here to.

 To my disappointment, there was a new guard hut at the edge of the LaLuna Resort.  The old trail was blocked off with a fence and a gate.  But I had a nice chat with the security guard there and ran back.

 I then just ran down to Quarantine Point again and wandered around the little park.

I noticed this little gem of a beach.  But it is surrounded by cliffs and I was not adventurous enough like Slim or Gombu or Shubi to climb down to it.

 I noticed the little solo headstone over to one side, but I did not see any other grave markers, I was curious about just one headstone.

Just one headstone.

Magazine and Pin Gin Beach to the West here.

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  1. Saw the grave today. Do you know anything about james curtin? Died young and far from home


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