Saturday, November 30, 2013

Time for Reverb 2013!

December is a time for Reverb.  What is reverb?

This is a good definition as any:

 "#reverb11 is a daily reflective prompt that runs every day through the month of December. It is an opportunity to reflect on the year that has been and manifest what the new year may hold. It was started by Gwen Bell in 2009 and has been passed on to individuals to host in 2011"...

In 2009 and 2010, I believe there still was daily email prompts sent out to the group participating, then it has become a free-form entity.  I have many prompts already stored on my computer, and I started working on some of the prompts in October, in order to spend a little time thinking about them.

In addition, Carolyn Rubinstein wrote a nice piece called "Reverb Remix" which separates the process into two sections, Reverb, and Manifest.  This is available as a PDF document, and I also found it valuable to read and muse over.

For the month of December, I will have a blog post up titlted "Reverb" that I (hopefully) have taken a little bit of time to reflect on. 

Now you can host your own Reverb, if you wish. To paraphrase her guidelines:
  • Create 31 prompts for the month of December.
  • Post those prompts to your blog.
  • Invite other people to join you!
  • Publish on the topics each day.
  • Use a hash tag to connect via Twitter (we used #reverb10 last year).
  • Support one another by sharing links, commenting, etc.
  • Create buttons to show that you’re hosting your own Reverb.
It's time for Reverb13!

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