Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Great Run Today

I had a great run the rain and 42 degrees temperature.

I waited until almost noon, for the "warmest" temperature of the day.  It was raining, yes, but there were ten miles to be run on the schedule, and that was that.

I won't do a "year in review" post, but I will say that I am extremely satisfied with my year in running.

I have become tougher mentally and physically.  I have become a very consistent runner.  I knew it was going to rain today, all day, and I knew I also had miles to get in.  I didn't whine to myself about it, or try to figure out how not to run it (having a coach keeps you accountable!).  I just selected the best clothes for the run-running tights, merino wool shirt, windbreaker/rain jacket, and ball cap.  And off I went.

I kept this run on the road and was happy with that decision.  The trails would have been a mud fest, and I was interested in *running* today, not sliding and plodding through mud.

I ran the whole way.  I ran all the hills.  I deliberately plotted a course with as much rolling hills as I could within a ten mile loop.

A year ago, I would not have ran all the hills. I would have turned it into a walk on the first big uphill.  At mile 9.6, I had the "1/2 mile" hill back up to where I live on the ridge.  I ran that also-yes, the running motion was no faster than a walk, but I didn't break it down into a walk. 

I also felt strong in the last two miles of the run, also important to me.  My energy level was still good, after 8 miles of hill running.

I also broke through the two hour mark, 10 miles in 1.57, on a hilly route. Whoop, I'll take that!

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