Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Treadmill Season

 Last week o'training:

I won't call it the "dreadmill".

It's a tool.  It allows runners to get their miles in, safely.

It can work with you, if you don't fight it.

It is not my favorite surface to run on. Or my favorite place to run. But I run many places, and surfaces, that are not my favorite surfaces to run on.

You do have to be prepared.  Find your shorts and running bra (if you are a female.)  Since my tread is downstairs, I don't have to find a shirt. (Bonus! Less clothes to wash.)  Get your shoes, bottle of water, and TV remote.

A good comment from Mark Zanker's blog, regarding treadmills:

" I hate running on a treadmill! And I'm not alone! 
Then it dawned on me. The very reason we hate treadmills so much, is because it's such a hard workout. But, because it's such a hard workout, it makes us stronger!

The point is, the reason we ALL hate a certain exercise, whether it be running on a treadmill, jogging down the road, or swimming laps of a pool, is because it's hard! And why is it hard? Because it stresses our body. And what happens when we stress our body? It repairs itself - fitter AND stronger!
And that is why I LOVE TREADMILLS. They are a punishing, mentally draining workout which not only builds your fitness and makes you sweat, but also gives you the mindset to cope when the going gets tough. 
So next time you find yourself complaining about a certain session, or just whining about having to get off the couch and do some exercise, remember - It's good for you.
Let the mind games begin!
Love, play, train! "

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