Saturday, December 7, 2013

Race Shopping and Planning

 I've written this post earlier in the week, before the Western States and Hardrock Lotteries.

Today is the day!

I believe I have a 6.5% chance of getting selected in WS and a 10% chance of getting selected by HR.

This is why I am not waiting with bated breath. 

In anticipation of not being selected in my first two lotteries, I started to look at other 100 mile races around the country.

No decisions will be made until after the February Lottery for the Wasatch Front Run, which I would like to be my target "fall" race goal.

Stan Jensen has a nice list of the 100s in chronological order, which is helpful in able to look at races month by month.

I am looking for a race for late summer, fall, winter.  Ideally, it would fall on my four day weekend from work.

The race needs to engage me. It needs to be...hard.

Okay, all 100 mile courses are hard.  100 Mile Races are hard. (Don't tell the Coach..) 

Maybe I should say, I want a race course that challenges me.  I need to be interested in the race, in the terrain, in the possibilities that will occur.  Hopefully this would be a beautiful, scenic course somewhere. It needs to be mostly trail. Hopefully not an out and back course.

Perusing the list, there are a few 100's that draw my attention.

With the popularity of ultras these days, there is a very good possibilities that a race I am interested in now, December 2013, could be entirely closed out by February 2014, when the Wasatch Lottery results are announced.

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