Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reverb 13 Day 26: Five Things Not to Forget

Five things you do not want to forget from 2013?
List out 5 things you do not want to forget from this past year, and write a bit about why you do not wish to forget...

5 Memories From 2013

The lovely winding Iron Mountain Road in South Dakota, how it organically flowed around the trees

Reflection of trees on the water in our pond

Beautiful Amish horses running on a cold day in December and the blue sky

Having the opportunity of go off piste with my friends Slim & Gombu in Ohio Pyle...and knowing we would do something that most folks would call "awful stupid"

Watching my two German Shepherds dogs play fight...and then of course stop as soon as they heard the peep of my phone camera go off

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