Friday, December 13, 2013

Reverb Day 13: Community

The phrase “It takes a village” is often bandied about, in reference to child-rearing, running a business, just about everything. But if you’re anything like me, you may not be a natural born collaborator.

In 2014, how could you explore what community means to you?

It might be a question of sharing the load, asking for help or signing on someone with a complementary skill set. Or it could be about a creative collaboration that pushes you to explore new ideas and media.

Where might the alchemy be?

I am always wanting to become a "better blogger" although I am not sure what that term even means.

I would like to become a better writer, a more creative writer.  I would like to reach out and promote my blog more.

I would like to get my podcast off the ground from the zero space that it sets right now.

I am going to attend FitBloggin.  Hopefully, by meeting up with other fitness bloggers (if that is what I am) perhaps I can learn more about reaching out to others on the interwebs.  Communicate better (well, I don't really communicate or network at all right now, so anything would be an improvement!!)

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