Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reverb Day 15: Challenge


#Reverb13 | Day 15

Challenge accepted.

Prompt for December 15:
Challenge | Did you take on a new challenge in 2013?  What was it?  Are there challenges you deliberately avoided?  What do you want to do to challenge yourself in 2014?

Katy Widrick issued a 28 Day Blog Challenge back in February that I participated in.  This was to clean up, organize, update your blog.  This was a kick in the pants that I needed, and I think I improved on the look of my blog.

I still need to create a media kit, and I would like to make a masthead for the blog that would be my permanent mast head. I do like to play on PicMonkey to make new headers, for both Facebook and my blog.

Maybe my challenge for 2014 is to update my blog..again. Maybe create a fan page on Facebook for Ultra Trail   Does anyone else have a separate page for their blog on FB?

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