Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reverb Day 18: Time

 Time: Time is a valuable resource. Did you spend 2013 wisely? What can you do to maximize your time during 2014?

No, of course I did not spend time wisely in 2013.  I discovered Candy Crush Saga for pete's sake.

I also spend way too much time on FB.  Sometimes I wander through Pinterest, and even Houuz.

I have a twitter account but only seem to visit it on race days to keep up with runners (and in December, to publish reverb13 posts!)

What can I do to maximize time in 2014?  Plan better.  Which is to say, I'm a darn good planner.  I'm very organized getting my running self and a good lunch packed and out the door to work.

Days off can be a little more relaxed.  I usually have a "to do " list of things I want to accomplish.

I would like to get my running writing, blog writing, and club blog writing better organized.

Of course, some days I have time to write, or create..and I got nothing.  I even have topics to go to, but just don't feel like it.

I could stay OFF FB and my feedly account when I am feeling the muse though.  Another good goal for 2014.

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