Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reverb Day 31: Lists

Well, it has been a fun month of December to reflect, manifest, and reverb!  I kept up for the most part. I lost a bunch of steam the past seven days or so.

I would like to give a shout out of THANKS! to the 3 different Reverb Organizers this year:

Kat McNally and her #reverb13 on her web site "I Saw You Dancing".  Kat was also very busy on twitter tweeting out other reverber's posts.

Project Reverb-Meredith, Kat and Sarah spearheaded this effort. 

Hope Wallace Karney at also published daily prompts for Reverb 13.

I ended up taking some reverbs from all three; sometimes using a prompt from an old Reverb List that I had saved.  I had fun thinking through these, getting inspired and a bit creative with some.  I got to read a bunch of good blog posts from other reverbers and have added a section to my Feedly account with new blogs to read.

Without further ado, my last reverb of 2013!

List it | List posts are everywhere.  Top 10 Ways to be Happier TodayThree Tips for More Energy.  Seven Ideas to Stay Focused.  Give us a list.  Of anything.  Your to-do list for the day.  Your grocery list.  A Buzzfeed inspired list.  Anything.
I love to make lists.  I am a list maker!  I came across this word on the interweb a little while back.  I don't really know if it truly is a "real" word, but it certainly fits me.
Entlistungsfreude: “the satisfaction achieved by crossing things off lists.”
So what should I post a list of? My packing list for a weekend running trip? My AS packing list from HR 2012?  My  current "todo" list?
Okay, here is my List from a past Reverse Ring.  I think it must have been my first one, since I still had my Vitesse running shoes:
Drive DownRunDrop Bag
Camp Roo
Clothes to Sleep inTights2 long sleeved shirtsFoodwindpants
t-shirtbrashort sleeved shirt
long underwear
shortsunderwear2 headbandsWoodstock Road-14 milestights


short sleeved shirtshoes?

red wool shirtduct tape
blue jacket

carry yellow coatspare glovesEdinburg Gap 22 milesblue wool shirt


BUFF (don't lose it)

headbandFoot Care
Tobaggon hat

spare headbandSpare Drugs
new gloves

Moreland Gap 30.4wind mittens

Vitesse Shoes


Zunie & headphones

Hydration Pack

 I always get a little distracted in the days leading up to a run/event.  When I have my packing list, I print the list out, and cross out each item as they get packed in various bags. That way, I know I have everything that I need, before I got all spacey and distracted in my taper madness.
 Happy New Year everybody! Make it a great one!!

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