Saturday, December 7, 2013

Reverb Day Seven: Reveal Your Self(ie)

Selfie, word of the year!
Please post your favourite picture of yourself from 2013, self-portrait or otherwise!

How come I never came across this as a prompt for last year's reverb?

Easiest reverb post ever, as I'm one of those narcissistic bloggers (isn't that an  oxymoron) who takes selfies all the time and posts them.

Searching through some photos from last year, I thought this one was good.  I'm at the top of Signal Knob, about 7 am.  I've run 68 miles and been up running those miles for the last 24 hours-and I'm not done yet.

Selfies are not always about the glamour though.

This is the same run, called "The Ring" which is the Massanutten Trail in northern Virginia, on the Massanutten Miles.  This was run Labor Day weekend.  It was oh, about 85 or 90 degrees out.

I had just left the Camp Roosevelt Camp and was headed up a section of trail called Duncan Hollow.

 The bugs were horrendous. They seemed mostly gnats.   They would swarm around your head, get in your eyes.  I was constantly inhaling them.

 I finally got the brilliant idea to turn my multi-purpose bandanna into a makeshift gnat netting.  Keeping the bandanna over the edge of my forehead helped to keep some of the gnats out of my eyes.

Yeah, trail running is not always that glamorous.  I was trying to smile for the camera!

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  1. Hah! These two make a great set.
    I love your exuberance in the first one... and your determination in the second. x


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