Friday, December 6, 2013

Reverb Day Six: Older

#Reverb13 | Day 6

Cheers to another year older.

Prompt for December 6:
Blowing out the candles | You're another year older!  How did you celebrate the passage of another year?  Did it turn out the way you had hoped?

I celebrated my birthday  this year same as the year awesome dinner cooked by my husband.  Usually steak and potatoes.  That is actually a pretty exotic meal in our house, as most of the time we eat curries and schwarma and stuff like that cooked up by my inventive husband.

I guess the  year turned out the way I expected. I have not really looked back on the year in terms of my birthday.

I have realized (finally) that although I don't feel like I am in my late forties, some body functions are letting me know I've been around for almost five decades.

I've always worn glasses, but I am now getting into the "squint" for up close reading of fine lines and figures. (I am due for an optician visit.)

My dentist is repeatedly telling me my fillings need crowns.   I have four fillings. I'm a little miffed at this until I realize those fillings were installed....30 years ago.  I guess some things do wear out.

I am in better physical shape in my forties than I was ever in from my 20's and 30's.  

This is one thing I do not take for granted.  I eat pretty cleanly; I exercise (ALOT!!!!!) and I have even, in the last week or so, gotten back into a stretching routine.

My birthday is right around the corner, on Epiphany.  I don't dread my birthday or the fact that I am a year older. I've never been embarrassed by my age; I've never seen the point.  

What will I do?  Sleep in.  Go run on some trails.  Have a great dinner cooked by my husband.  It's a pretty simple celebration.

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