Monday, December 2, 2013

Reverb Day Two:

There are two reverb camps occurring this year that I have discovered (hey there could be more) so that is even more cool; I'm going to get prompts from two different groups to choose from or write on both. Or even chose a prompt of my own.

One is hosted by Kat McNally, at I Saw You Dancing.  You can visit her blog or sign up for the daily reverb prompts.


Meredith, Kat, and Sarah are hosting at Project Reverb, where you can also sign up for daily prompts.

All these folks are also on Twitter, just search by the hashtag #reverb13.

I am going to use Project Reverb's prompt for Day # 2:

At the start: Where did you start 2013?  Give us some background on this year.

Where was I at the beginning of 2013?  I was determined to improve this year. I had promised not to run Hardrock, so I had not entered the lottery at all.  I knew I needed a goal, a good goal, so my intent was to train and run a sub 30 Massanutten in May.

In order to do this, I enlisted the aid of a running coach. I decided to go  with someone near my own age, important in that he understands an older body recovery time; someone familiar with the MMT course; someone experienced in running 100's.

So why not just go right to the top and hire the person who has won the most 100 races?  Get the person who has the most experience for the job...Karl Meltzer, who believes "100 Miles is not that Far.." fame.

I will probably elude to this in a future reverb prompt, but my word for 2013 was "improve" and I believe I did that.  Having a coach has been very beneficial.  It is good to have someone else look at your training and schedule, and to get feedback.  It works for me to have someone to be accountable to, and someone else that is writing a training schedule. I absolutely love having a training schedule emailed to me.

Anyhoo, back to 2013:

There are still some room for improvement, mainly in nutrition.

But on the whole, I had a really good 2013.  A few minor trauma dramas, a few exercises in patience, a little disappointment, a well timed vacation, and renewal for my passion on running and training once we returned from Grenada.

As Reverb13 begins, I am still in a wait mode.  Western States and Hardrock lotteries are both this coming weekend.  I truly don't expect to get into either. I will be pleasantly surprised to get into either one.  Once December 7 is over, I can go ahead and do some more race planning-and hence, more life planning, on what happens for the year.

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