Friday, December 13, 2013

Running: A bit of a breakthrough run

The Coach said to run the eight miles, on the 11th, harder.  That didn't happen, in the post work day, in the dark, cold, ice.  It didn't happen yesterday either, in the cold and the wind.

But it did happen today, in the warm temps of 31F when I started my run!

There was no wind. A blue sky. The running felt good.

Two unexpected dogs-a blue healer tick and a labrador accosted me in the first mile, making me stop and yell at the dogs.  I was not scared, but the dogs were blocking my path.  The owner soon helped me out, apologizing profusely.  Again, they weren't bad dogs, I was not bit, but my first mile was off after this.

I ran all the hills but one.  I ran like this was a "workout".  I was sweating on the second hill and had to push up my sleeves, I was that warm in 31 F.

The pretty black Amish horses were out, frolicking, as I passed the one Amish farmhouse traditionally around mile 5.5/6 on my route.  They were frisky. Galloping about.  I stopped and barely got my phone out for a pic as they disappeared over the hill.

1.21 for 7 miles.  My usual "around the block 10K"  (6.4 miles) is usually about 1.18 or 1.20.  So I felt very good for this effort!

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