Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Running: Deer Season, Day Two

This is my worst favorite time of the year to be a runner, in southern Ohio. It's the week of deer gun season.

I don't go out on the trails or roads this week. This leads to a bit different training for me.

Monday: Schedule is 6 miles. Done on the treadmill.  Felt difficult. Struggled. Thank the gods for reality TV, in the form of "Love It or List It".

Tuesday: Seven miles, after work.  I go to the track by the YMCA.  All locked up. Okay, I continue up the highway, to the little town  I live outside of.  The track is open.

It's dark out, BTW, 6.15 pm at night.  I start my Garmin.

It promptly dies. Oh WTF, now I have to manually keep track of loops? Stay in the minute?  I hate doing this!

Do this I do. I count on every loop. Eleven.  I'm on eighteen. Eighteen. Twenty-two. 22.  I make sure and focus that I know my loop count. (Thank goodness for podcasts, I can still listen and consciously count!)

I have been cogniziant all day that my next 100 run is in February. It's easy to loose track of a winter "goal" run, especially since the calendar hasn't been turned over yet.  But I looked it up.  67 days away.  I gotta keep on training..67 days is not that far away now!

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